Peozzle simplifies recruitment process through simple process

Staffing App

Peozzle is the solution to your puzzling people/staffing needs. Peozzle platform links staffing firms to other staffing firms, to hiring managers and to the candidate professionals seeking employment.
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Staffing Marketplace

Peozzle is a platform that comprises a unique hiring marketplace that offers a multi-dimensional alternative to existing hiring tools, which predominantly rely on standard written resumes and graphical / video resumes.
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Consultant App

Peozzle links Staffing Firms to other staffing firms, to hiring managers, and to consulting professionals over the internet to browsers on smart phones, tablets, laptops, desk tops, and game consoles.
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Secrets of a Successful Staffing Company


Specially designed for IT consulting firm.
Job assistant

Fill more of your open jobs faster and safer.

Boost hiring confidence of your clients by making perfect match for jobs.

Expand your pipe of open job REQs.

Multiply your quality of available candidates.
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Brand Story
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How Peozzle Works?
Connects all the people in between recruitment process and makes it possible to share data between them.

Hiring - Staffing

A platform for sharing data between hiring company and multiple staffing recruiters.

Staffing - Staffing

Staffing companies can share data / resumes between them for job postings in a highly secured way.

Staffing - Candidates

Relationship between recruiters and candidates made simple and open which boosts hiring.