Agency Business Network

Build and Manage your private business network connecting your staffing partners, candidates, and job boards to source your talent at speed and scale.

Video Resumes

Patented* Peozzle Multi-Media resume tool, supports reception, storing, screening, and processing of Video Resumes, an emerging trend.

Intelligent Tools

AI/ML fueled tools empower placement officers and employers to identify the best-qualified university talent that meets the individual organization's needs.

360 Assessment

The holistic Assessment view depicts the graphical view of the candidate profile, skills, experience fit, and Peozzle Match Score*.

Agency Mobile App

Peozzle Mobile App allows the Agency staffing team, candidates, and staffing partners to connect, collaborate, view, track, and process hiring actions.

Time Management

Integrated Timesheet tool allows candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers to capture, track and report time workflow.
A Digital Staffing Agency Solution
The staffing team needs to consider a fresh intelligence-driven hiring approach to address the evolving ecosystem changes and meet emerging trends. 
Candidate-driven marketplace, increasing and sometimes unrealistic customer expectation on finding the right candidate, difficulty in balancing the speed of hire with the right quality, and lack of integrated tools add increased pressure to the staffing teams and affect their respective firm’s revenue bottom line.
Staffing teams have responded with more spending on Job Ads, increasing job board subscriptions, and endless email marketing efforts only offer interim solutions but do not enable them to scale, adapt, and address current and emerging challenges. PeozzleAgency offers a fresh hiring approach to connect, collaborate, source, engage and hire the right talent for your customer.
Hiring is a Team Sport ! Synchronized Execution is the KEY for Hiring the Right Talent !
Our team of creatives, designers & developers work alongside our SEO & content teams.
Our team of creatives, designers & developers work alongside our SEO & content teams.
Our team of creatives, designers & developers work alongside our SEO & content teams.
Our team of creatives, designers & developers work alongside our SEO & content teams.
Explore PeozzleAgency Solution

Role-based portal and Context-driven Workflow provide seamless Experience to Hiring Team and Candidates.


  • Manage Job Requisition
  • Manage Candidates Profiles
  • Execute Internal Sourcing
  • Manage and Engage Partners
  • Push and Publish Job Requisitions
  • Receive Candidate Resume


  • Screen Text and Video Resume
  • Shortlist Candidates


  • Assess Candidate Fit
  • Visualize Assessed Candidate View
  • Review & Shortlist Candidates
  • Connect & Engage Candidates
  • Execute Interview Workflow


  • Formalize Contract
  • Execute Offer/Contract Workflow
  • Finalize Offer/Contract


  • Timesheet Management
  • Feedback Management
  • Invoice Management

We are bringing a fresh , network based, and data driven Hiring Automation approach to the Hiring Teams and Candidates

Peozzle Platform

Uses cloud-native technologies to offer modular, scalable business, staffing, hiring, and career services workflows.

Patented Peozzle Technology

The approved USPTO patents are powering the Peozzle platform. 1)Resource Distribution System and 2)Multimedia Resume Distribution System.

Peozzle Marketplace

Peozzle marketplace includes technology and solution that help to build scalable enterprise solutions to broaden the talent management solutions.

Peozzle Analytics

Cloud-native analytics technologies make the reporting & analytics of Agency, Campus, Hire, Connect, and Serve products easier.

Peozzle AI/ML Model

Purpose-driven screening and AI/ML model provide insights into the data-driven hiring process.
Why Peozzle Platform?

We are grounded in People First Approach. Peozzle Platform intends to empower the Job seekers, Hiring team, Partners, and everybody in between to realize their fullest potential.

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