Community Network

Build and Manage your private Community network connecting your volunteers, non–profits, and needy organizations to connect and collaborate on sourcing the exemplary Volunteers.

Video Resumes

Patented* Peozzle Multi-Media resume tool, supports reception, storing, screening, and processing of Video Resumes, an emerging trend.

Intelligent Tools

AI/ML fueled tools empower placement officers and employers to identify the best-qualified Volunteers that meet the individual organization's needs.

360 Assessment

The holistic Assessment view depicts the graphical view of the Volunteer profile, skills, experience fit, and Peozzle Match Score*.

Campus Mobile App

PeozzleServe Mobile App allows Volunteers, Non-Profits Admin and employers partners to connect and realize their individual needs.

Time Management

Integrated Timesheet tool allows volunteers and nonprofit administrators to capture, track and report timesheet workflow.

A Digital Solution for Volunteer Management
Non-Profit Administrators and Volunteer Manager need to adopt a global networked approach to connect, engage with Volunteers, other non-profit entities, and employers.
The manual Volunteer Management process, project-driven engagement with volunteers,  lack of connection to non-profit entities restrict both Non-Profit Administrators and Volunteer managers. Attracting qualified volunteers to build a healthy pipeline of skilled, service-minded volunteers and ready to serve the needy are the challenges in today’s world.
Administrators and Volunteer Managers mostly rely upon email lists, social media sites, and siloed engagement tools. Still, they cannot fully realize the outcomes needed to operate the Non-Profit entities effectively. Further, both Non-Profit Teams, Volunteer Manager and Volunteers teams, lack insights on the available opportunities.

PeozzleServe enables Non-Profits to build a global volunteer network, unifying non-profit Administrators and volunteers’ engagement and Volunteer Management workflows. Role-based portal, Mobile App allows administrators and Volunteers to connect and serve their communities seamlessly.

Serving the Community is a Team Effort! Synchronized Orchestration is the key to delivering the Outcomes!

We are bringing a fresh , network based, and data driven Talent acquisition approach to the Hiring Teams and Candidates

Peozzle Platform

Uses cloud-native technologies to offer modular, scalable business, hiring, and career services workflow automation.

Patented Technology

The approved USPTO patents are powering the Peozzle platform. 1)Resource Distribution System 2)Multimedia Resume Distribution System.

Peozzle Marketplace

Help to build scalable enterprise solutions to broader the talent management solutions.

Peozzle Analytics

Cloud-native analytics technologies make the reporting & analytics of Agency, Campus, Hire, Connect, and Serve products easier.

Peozzle AI/ML Model

Purpose-driven screening and AI/ML model provide insights into the data-driven hiring process.
Why Peozzle Platform?

We are grounded in People First Approach. Peozzle Platform empowers the hiring team, candidates, students, university placement office, partners, and everybody in between to realize their fullest potential.

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